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Easidraw Handbook

Easidraw Handbook

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The Easidraw Handbook will assist clubs, committees and tournament organisers in considerably reducing the time to organise and manage events.

Through examples of completed scorecards, scoreboards and player information, the Easidraw handbook explains the various procedures required and simplifies what often appear to be complex tasks. Structures of the various kinds of events are explained and certain features that may be included in their design, such as movement of teams to different greens, equitable distribution of ditch rinks, and odd and even team numbers,

This book enables an organiser to quickly locate the type of draw required and to select rink allocations for the number of teams entered in an event. At the close of the event, winning teams can be readily identified (even when scores are tied), by using the tables provided.

Using this quick and easy reference manual encourages new game formats which can make our game more interesting and varied, and importantly, help attract new members.

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